Sweet & Savory Saturday

Saturday, January 31, 2015

You guys, this place is the real deal! So our friend Dave recommended we check out Jammin' Crepes, and even though it took us a few months to actually check it out, he did not steer us in the wrong direction. Seriously...it is the cutest little place and the crepes are outrageous! It is so cozy and we really liked the warm feel of the decor - "chalkboard" menus, red barn walls, jams all along the wall, mason jars hanging with lights (I know, you're shocked I liked it so much). See photo of the mason jar lights I took below.
It was so hard to pick one, which is why we picked 3. Even on off hours, this place was slammed. 

Jammin' Crepes uses local, regional produce to make made-to-order crepes, and their menu changes as produce comes in and out of season, so it is always the freshest it can be! 

Unfortunately I had the wrong lens to take any up close photos of our Crepes so you'll just have to trust me, they were DELISH. We got 3...! They have savory crepes (sandwiches with less carbs??? yes, please!) breakfast crepes, and dessert crepes. Heck, you can even get gluten-free batter for $1.00 extra!  We shared 2 savory crepes, one with bacon and arugula with jam (sweet & salty goodness!), and one with mushrooms, ham, and cheese with a honey mustard sauce. We couldn't leave without trying a sweet crepe (obviously) so Kyle and I shared the "Wyatt" dessert crepe...with whipped cream - it's buttery cinnamon sugar with Nutella...AKA heaven on earth. 

Obsessed with these hanging mason jar lights. 

How cute are the mason jars filled with jam and preserves on this shelf! I think everyone in there thought I was crazy as I was snapping pics, but it was too cute not to share...

Now that we've unbuttoned our pants and are way too full, all we are thinking is...how soon is too soon to go back? 

Some snapshots of my outfit below...

XO! Happy Eating ;-) 

Shoes // Converse / Jeans // J Brand / Graphic Tee // Chaser Brand / Flannel // J. Crew / Necklace // Bauble Bar - Courtney Bibb / Sunglasses // Ray- Ban 

Thanks for reading!! 

(If you've been to Jammin' Crepes, let me know your favorites!)

Hair SOS - Love your Locks

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

At this time of the year my hair is always super dry and needs some extra love. In the summer I let my hair air dry as much as possible which really cuts down on damage - but in winter I blow dry it almost every time after a wash just so that I don't freeze when I go outside! This combined with the cold does a number on my hair. Below, I've rounded up some of my favorite products for protecting my mane: 

1. Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask 

This is THE best hair mask I've used - and smells so good (their whole line smells amazing!). I was hesitant to get it at first because of it's price tag - but I finally splurged and can vouch that it's been worth it. I use it twice a week if I can but lately have just been using it once on the weekend when I have some extra time. Wash your hair, then apply (a little goes a long way) - I start at the ends and work my way about halfway up since my roots don't need much help, and let it sit for about 30 minutes. The jar says 5-7 minutes but I like to let it really work it's magic!! Another thing I do is use my Wet Brush (the ONLY thing that works on my tangley, colored treated hair) to distribute it through my hair. Then I rinse with cool water, and follow with conditioner. It is really working! My hair looks shinier and healthier and is growing like crazy! 

2. Rusk - Thermal Flat Iron Spray 

Ok, so the name of this one is misleading for my purposes since I have not straightened my hair more than a few times my whole life! I use this prior to blow-drying (if I remember) and before curling/waving my hair. You just need to lightly spray it on - you don't need to go crazy with it - I just sort of lift up my hair and do a spray all around and on top so I know I'm covered before I touch the curling iron to my hair. My favorite part about this one is that it has Argan Oil in it and is super moisturizing while also adding shine. It never makes my hair greasy, either! I learned the hard way (through a lot of hair damage) that a heat protectant goes a long way in protecting your hair. If you don't have one, get one! Big Sexy Hair also has a great one. 

3.  Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist 

This is one of those products that I've been using forever. It really works and is a deal! It is a deep conditioner - I wash my hair then lather this one on (I'm a little more liberal with the amount I use since it's not too pricey!) then in about 2-3 minutes wash it right out, rinse, and I'm ready to go. Using the Wet Brush is probably a good idea here, too to distribute before letting it sit. If you've never used this and you have color treated hair like me - this is a game changer!! 

What hair products do you guys swear by?? I'm always in the market to try a new way to care for my hair! Comment below! 

Thanks for reading!

Episode 4 - Like a Virgin

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Let me guess, all you East Coasters are "working from home" today? 

Stop kidding yourself. Let's recap.

This week on THE BACHELOR

(Sidenote: Does anyone else feel like this season they are just starting the episode like out of thin air and you always miss the first minute because your like wait is this starting? Like...Oh I thought I had time to refill my wine but now they are already on a date?)

Ok SO it's revealed that Chris'  (3!) sisters are deciding who will get the only one on one date this episode. NO PRESSURE!

1st group date - "Let's do what feels Natural"

  1. Megan
  2. Kaitlyn
  3. Ashley S
  4. Ashley I
  5. Juelia
  6. Samantha
  7. Mackenzie
  8. Kelsey

(All of a sudden Ashley I is worried she doesn't look natural and last week, she was worried she wouldn't look enough like Kardashian???)

"So, we're at a lake"  is the great intro to their group date from Chris

Long story short, Ashley I takes her top off, Kaitlyn takes her bottoms off, and Kelsey feels like she is in a muddy hell hole and wants to gauge her eyes out with a fork #totallynormal

While the group daters are stripping and skinny dipping, the rest of the girls are back at the house trying to impress Chris' sisters. #shortendofthestick


All the girls at the house talk to Chris' sisters...I would say they pick either Carly or Jade???

Back to the group date...

The girls learn they are going to be camping over at the lake

"I'm a camping virgin, and I'm a virgin camping!" - guess who

Ashley I criticizes Kelsey for being fake...#lol, and Ashley S really loses it...again.

Kaitlyn was basically asleep as Chris announced she got the rose on the group date.

One on One - Chris' sisters pick: Jade

"No one in this house would appreciate this date more than me" - GUESS WHO, again.

Kyle just said "I think she's getting voted off" about Ashley I ...that's not really how this works but I agree with him.

Most important takeaway from the date: Jade gets free loubs.

A pink haired "fairy god mother"?! Now I'm Jealous.

Jade's all dressed up and her FGM sends her to a "royal ball" with Chris.

"I've never been to a royal ball before, I mean, I live in Northeast Iowa"


I feel like Jade is underrated. She's softspoken but I think this date is going really well?

Chris gives Jade the rose.

Back at the house, Ashley puts on a dress and gets completely ready for a date with herself...no shock there.

2nd Group Date - Let's Get Dirty 

  1. Nikki
  2. Jillian
  3. Brittany
  4. Carly
  5. Britt
  6. Becca

Wedding Dresses are on and Jillian says everyone "looks pretty" and she feels out of her element. UNTIL they are in a muddy race competition and she knows she is going to kick everyones ass.

Also Jillian definitely had the ONLY dress that could withstand a mud race.


I'm pretty sure only Britt, Jillian, and Becca finished the race. Whitney, Carly...not so much.

 Guess who came in first? 

Night time one on one with: Jillian

"What's your 5 year plan?"

I hear ya, Jill.

Yeah, he sent her home.

Rose Ceremony Commences:

Ashley I HAS to tell Chris that she's a virgin. Chris says he "never would have guessed" that Ashley is a virgin. 

Yeah, you're telling us. We've had to hear about this for the last 3 episodes!

Why can Chris literally not form a sentence when Britt questions him!? That was the most awkward thing I've seen all night.

Until right now. Ashley telling Chris she's a virgin...

Here's who got a rose:

  1. Kaitlyn - received a rose on group date #1
  2. Jade - received a rose on one - on - one
  3. Whitney
  4. Carly
  5. Megan
  6. Samantha - she has seriously gotten ZERO facetime am I right??
  7. Mackenzie
  8. Kelsey
  9. Becca
  10. Ashley I
  11. Britt

Everyone is sad to see Juelia go...especially Britt.

Goodbye to: Jillian, Nikki, Juelia, Ashley S

What do you guys think about this episode? Honestly I really think it has been sort of anticlimactic...I feel like I still really don't know any of the girls. Frontrunners for me are ... maybe Kaitlin, Whitney, Jade? I'm not sure.

Who do you think is going home next week? My money is on Britt...I think her conversation with Chris really set her back.

Comment below and tell me your thoughts!

Or, if you feel like Ashley S, don't!


ATX Inspired Breakfast Tacos & Other Weekend Tidbits

Sunday, January 25, 2015

This weekend we (I) made breakfast tacos - I was dreaming of warmer weather so we stayed inside and made these bad boys...

So simple! I used small corn tortillas with eggs, turkey bacon, diced red pepper and onion (I sautéed those) and avocado. I also threw in a teensy bit of a mexican cheese blend...! So simple...and delicious...and #somewhathealthy? FYI these do not even COMPARE to breakfast tacos in Austin but they got the job done this weekend. If you haven't ever been to Austin, when you go, you must immediately get breakfast tacos. (Seriously you have to - I got to the Austin airport last year and my sister picked me up with breakfast tacos, salsa, and queso waiting.)

Other than that, this weekend we did a lot with family and I took lots of snapshots of all the dogs in the snow. I'm having fun figuring out how to use my Nikon...we are apparently getting a BLIZZARD so it looks like I can practice this week, too. 

XO!! Stay warm people!

^ my baby!

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Engagement Photos

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hi! Ok, so I have posted some of these on my Instagram (shannonfreid_) but I wanted to share some more here. This day was SO cold and I was so bummed when the sky started filling up with clouds a couple hours before taking our pics. Luckily we have the most amazing photographer - Brittany, and we are so impressed with how the photos turned out. 

I hope you like them!


Those are our pups, Peanut and Cole :-)

 All photos taken by the amazing Brittany Lee Photography ... check out her website! Brittany Lee Photography - we love her! 

Episode 3 - Ho Down Throwdown

Monday, January 19, 2015

I have to say, last week's episode was sort of underwhelming. 

Episode 3 here we goooooo:

I guess a few weeks into filming the producers were like yeah this isn't going to work. This guy doesn't talk. We need someone funny or that at least has a personality. Jimmy Kimmel? Yeah he'll work.

1st One on One: Kaitlyn

The date card says something about great views and high ceilings...and plenty of hors d’oeuvres (#lol)

"We're at Costco?" - Kaitlyn

Finally, the Bachelor is taking girls on dates "like real life". I don't know about you guys but Kyle and I have champagne in our limo before we get dropped off at Costco, too. 

They shop, they roll in a big ball, and...

Just as quick as it started, Costco is over and Chris and Kaitlyn go "home" to cook dinner. They're like "this date is so cool because it's so normal, this is like what it would be like in real life!" as they sip on whiskey and wait for Jimmy Kimmel to come over. 

Mid make-out sesh, enter Jimmy Kimmel.

"I have a smile on but I have to say 'you are an asshole'" - Kaitlyn to Jimmy

Also Kaitlyn definitely hates Jimmy. Or is she flirting with him? 

FINALLY Jimmy asks the burning fantasy suite question we all ask ourselves even though we already know the answer but still want to know how it goes down when it happens anyway..."Won't you be mad 3 months from now after finding out your fiancee used the 'fantasy suite' with all of the girls on the show?"

Kaitlyn giggles and says "Of course not, its part of the process!" #LOL I think we can all agree we would say the same thing but NONE OF US WOULD MEAN IT and by "us" I mean ANY GIRL in the history of the world

Yes, Kaitlyn got a rose.

Group Date: Ho-Down Throwdown

  1. Britt 
  2. Jillian 
  3. Becca 
  4. Tracy 
  5. Kelsey 
  6. Ashley S 
  7. Samantha 
  8. Juelia
  9. Carly
  10. Nikki
  11. Amber
  12. Mackenzie

 So the girls are about to compete in a farm relay race.

There is: corn shucking, egg finding, goat milking (and drinking...the...milk...), manure moving and pig moving.

So, someone exclaims "This is hard!" about shucking corn, and half of the girls don't even make it to the second part of the relay.

Even though  "Only one of the teets was working", somehow Carly won the relay and also drank like 2 cups of warm goat milk even though she is lactose intolerant. Ouch.

"This is like, the first blue ribbon I've ever won!" Need I say more?

Now that that is over, everyone washes off the goat milk and manure and cleans up for the second part of the group date.

"There's a fair amount of kissing going on...that's the whole point of this thing." - Chris

Mackenzie is befuddled as to why Chris would be kissing anyone else but her. She's like "I mean, i had the first kiss after we talked about Aliens and Kale..." Mackenzie, spoiler alert, BRITT got the first kiss. And you don't see her complaining! Just kidding she is also complaining.

Sidenote: I like Becca.

Rose goes to: Becca - I have to say I really feel bad for Carly in this moment. She chugged goat milk, made out with Chris ("you're a man, I'm a woman"...remember?) and still didn't get the rose. Sad.

2nd One on One: Whitney

Whitney and Chris match. As in, their pink shirts.

I think this is the most I've heard Chris talk the last 3 episodes. 

So Whitney mentions they should crash a wedding. Chris is like "Yeah! We can be like, I'm the distant cousin from Argentina" 


Long story short, they crash the wedding and Whitney pretty-much kills it. 

I think Chris has the look of love. Cupping her face for the kiss post rose? That kills me. I love him. I mean, he loves her. Whatever. Don't you guys think she looks a little like Emily Maynard? 

Cocktail Party:

JK. The cocktail party is cancelled, and instead it's a pool party.

Basically, here is what happened:

Megan is LOVING THE IDEA OF A POOL PARTY, it's "the most best day ever!" 

Ashley is crying because she can't do her "Kardashian look" anymore and now has to try her best to dress and act like a normal human being #jk #shedidnt

Jade makes Chris take her to "his place" just to make out with him...and we all freak out because we think we saw her boob. TURNS OUT it was just the lining underneath the black flap of her bandeau...maybe.

Basically this whole episode is Ashley I crying about not getting enough time with her boyfriend who has 17 other girlfriends.

Chris is definitely wasted at this point (who wouldn't be??) tripping over himself and can't even contain his laughter while addressing all the girls when leaving the pool party. 

THE SHOW MUST GO ON, so Chris probably chugged a gallon or two of water and took a nap before the:

Rose Ceremony:

So, here's who got a rose...

  1. Kaitlyn - Rose on one on one date
  2. Becca - Rose on group date
  3. Whitney - Rose on one on one date
  4. Jade 
  5. Samantha
  6. Juelia
  7. Mackenzie
  8. Kelsey
  9. Britt
  10. Megan
  11. Carly
  12. Ashley S - what the hell? has she even been on this episode? is she ok?
  13. Nikki
  14. Jillian
  15. Ashley I 
Get it together, Ashley.

Going home: Trina, Tracy? never seen her before, Amber.

Predictions: Ashley I goes home. Hopefully we see more of Becca, Whitney, and Britt. Yes, I'm playing favorites. 

Who do you think goes home next week? Who are your favs? Comment below!

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