ATX Inspired Breakfast Tacos & Other Weekend Tidbits

This weekend we (I) made breakfast tacos - I was dreaming of warmer weather so we stayed inside and made these bad boys...

So simple! I used small corn tortillas with eggs, turkey bacon, diced red pepper and onion (I sautéed those) and avocado. I also threw in a teensy bit of a mexican cheese blend...! So simple...and delicious...and #somewhathealthy? FYI these do not even COMPARE to breakfast tacos in Austin but they got the job done this weekend. If you haven't ever been to Austin, when you go, you must immediately get breakfast tacos. (Seriously you have to - I got to the Austin airport last year and my sister picked me up with breakfast tacos, salsa, and queso waiting.)

Other than that, this weekend we did a lot with family and I took lots of snapshots of all the dogs in the snow. I'm having fun figuring out how to use my Nikon...we are apparently getting a BLIZZARD so it looks like I can practice this week, too. 

XO!! Stay warm people!

^ my baby!

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