Episode 1 - Let The Games Begin

Guys, you can liken the start of the bachelor to the first football game in the NFL season. In my world, The Bachelor is my NFL, and The Finale is the superbowl. Get it? 

Ladies, you get it. Let's go:

8:02PM - BE STILL MY HEART, Chris Soules has landed. 

Ok, so this is totally unfiltered, right what I am thinking at the moment. Think of it as live tweeting, only worse. 

First thoughts: LOL @ Chris waving at the red van in his intro

...What is Cody doing on here???? 

Now let's kill some time by introducing a few of the ladies...

Amanda, 24, lives at home, relies on her mom for everything...just dropped the f word on national TV after telling her mom she wouldn't embarrass her...I think things are going pretty well for her. 

PS - Amanda, I think you are getting evicted if you haven't been already.

Alissa the flight attendant, I literally cannot even imagine how embarrassed you felt doing this promo...the secondhand embarrassment is KILLING ME!

8:47PM - the show still hasn't started...


Nikki is talking about Juan Pablo and my twitter is down (???) and ... I guess it's time for more wine.


I've had several thoughts already. Like that the crying hug was a little much but at the same time, I kind of want a hug like that. Also digging her hair...what is her name again? 

Trina, do less.

Nothing like fake human flesh on the intro! YUM

Taraaaa you kill me, and also you're obviously drunk (but who isn't?)


False alarm, it was just a girl in a crop top.

Ashley S - you look like a cute little mom and you can't follow TV cues and look super confused, I like you.

"You can plow the f*ck out of my field any day"

9:27PM - Every girl is freaking out over the fact that there are less girls. OH NO WHAT WILL YOU ALL DO!?

Chris loves Britt (yes, I got her name and yes, I love her, too)


9:29PM - Everyone is still freaking out over the number of girls there. THERE ARE 15, LADIES! 

Cadaver girl talking, I'm zoning out...

9:37PM - "Where are all the other girls?"

Whitney the fertility nurse is pretty, sweet, nice, kind of like Nikki...am I right?

WAIT, AMANDA is the "secret admirer" crop top girl? I didn't even recognize her. Did you guys????

9:42PM - Everyone can stop freaking out, the rest of the girls are here.

9:47PM - Why is everyone so shocked/mad that other girls are here?? GOOD PLANNING, ABC. I see what you did there. It's alllll about the drama for you, isn't it?

Becca - I like her almost as much as Britt.

Pretty awkward the seatbelt was too small huh, Alissa?

"What is she wearing?" you all say, about the aspiring WWE Diva?  Revolve Clothing - For Love and Lemons Antigua Mini Dress

Kaitlyn, the girl making fun of everyone after you said Chris can plow your field anytime, I've had quite enough of you. 

10:00PM - Chris is overwhelmed, might pass out 

Kaitlyn, I thought I told you I had enough of you...and now this?

10:11PM - I like the teacher (what's her name?) she is cute and seems down to earth.

Uh oh the mom looking girl that I like is losing it. And WWE girl is not happy.

"If that is a pomegranate, then god bless it." <-- the words of Mom girl losing it

The last girl out of the limo ... first impression rose? My money is on her or Britt.

And I swear I'm writing this live.

Ask Kyle, I really am.

"What's up smiley?" I KNEW IT! Love ya, Britt. First impression rose goes to her.

Chris falls fast. Is this going to be like Emily Maynard's 1st season all over again? (And by Emily's 1st season, I mean Brad's season, which was just basically a show of him and Emily...which by the way, I loved...Emily, you will always be my #1.)

10:29PM - COMMENCE! The first rose ceremony of the season

  1. Kaitlyn - #1? Really???
  2. Jade (last out of limo girl)
  3. Samantha 
  4. Ashley
  5. Cassandra? Sandra? 
  6. Becky?
  7. Kelsey (<3)
  8. Megan (no air time but I like her)
  9. Alissa Flight Attendant
  10. Amber 
  11. J(oul?)ia
  12. Becca - Love her
  13. Trina...
  14. Mackenzie 
  15. Tracy (like her)
  16. TARA
  17. Girl who tripped right after blackout Tara walked flawlessly
  18. ???
  19. Whitney
  20. Carly
  21. Mom girl
  22. and of course, BRITT, who already got the first impression rose
Goodbye pretty red head, goodbye wrestler, goodbye evicted girl, goodbye Kara who I'm just seeing for the first time, maybe.

Based on the previews, it seems like this is going to be good.

And I really do hope that Chris finds his future wife. I think he will...

What do you guys think? Who do you like? Comment below!

Bachelor Episode 2 recap will be up next Tuesday, see ya then!

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  1. 1) dear chris, harvest me. 2) britt. great hug. great note. great rose. niiiice mooooves. 3) host chris knows i have wine..i feel basic 4) tandra on the motorcycle..badass.. you resemble erin andrews 5) fake biohazard products = unforgivable. 6) ashley s. creepy doll face you make me uncomfortable. 7) mother goose with the side pony. 8) baby goose in pink with another side pony 9) wrestler girl have pink eye??? 10) tara is here for our entertainment.

  2. This is so on point! I totally agree about Trina, do way, WAY less. Also - this entry would not have been complete without you openly admitting your love for Emily. Love it.

    1. Of course Em had to be in it...what kind of a god mother would I be if I didn't include her in every post???

  3. Love Becca! She's also in the same sorority I am wooo wooo! Hate kaitlin.

    1. Yes I love Becca! She seems normal! Yay :-) Kaitlin is not for me