Episode 3 - Ho Down Throwdown

I have to say, last week's episode was sort of underwhelming. 

Episode 3 here we goooooo:

I guess a few weeks into filming the producers were like yeah this isn't going to work. This guy doesn't talk. We need someone funny or that at least has a personality. Jimmy Kimmel? Yeah he'll work.

1st One on One: Kaitlyn

The date card says something about great views and high ceilings...and plenty of hors d’oeuvres (#lol)

"We're at Costco?" - Kaitlyn

Finally, the Bachelor is taking girls on dates "like real life". I don't know about you guys but Kyle and I have champagne in our limo before we get dropped off at Costco, too. 

They shop, they roll in a big ball, and...

Just as quick as it started, Costco is over and Chris and Kaitlyn go "home" to cook dinner. They're like "this date is so cool because it's so normal, this is like what it would be like in real life!" as they sip on whiskey and wait for Jimmy Kimmel to come over. 

Mid make-out sesh, enter Jimmy Kimmel.

"I have a smile on but I have to say 'you are an asshole'" - Kaitlyn to Jimmy

Also Kaitlyn definitely hates Jimmy. Or is she flirting with him? 

FINALLY Jimmy asks the burning fantasy suite question we all ask ourselves even though we already know the answer but still want to know how it goes down when it happens anyway..."Won't you be mad 3 months from now after finding out your fiancee used the 'fantasy suite' with all of the girls on the show?"

Kaitlyn giggles and says "Of course not, its part of the process!" #LOL I think we can all agree we would say the same thing but NONE OF US WOULD MEAN IT and by "us" I mean ANY GIRL in the history of the world

Yes, Kaitlyn got a rose.

Group Date: Ho-Down Throwdown

  1. Britt 
  2. Jillian 
  3. Becca 
  4. Tracy 
  5. Kelsey 
  6. Ashley S 
  7. Samantha 
  8. Juelia
  9. Carly
  10. Nikki
  11. Amber
  12. Mackenzie

 So the girls are about to compete in a farm relay race.

There is: corn shucking, egg finding, goat milking (and drinking...the...milk...), manure moving and pig moving.

So, someone exclaims "This is hard!" about shucking corn, and half of the girls don't even make it to the second part of the relay.

Even though  "Only one of the teets was working", somehow Carly won the relay and also drank like 2 cups of warm goat milk even though she is lactose intolerant. Ouch.

"This is like, the first blue ribbon I've ever won!" Need I say more?

Now that that is over, everyone washes off the goat milk and manure and cleans up for the second part of the group date.

"There's a fair amount of kissing going on...that's the whole point of this thing." - Chris

Mackenzie is befuddled as to why Chris would be kissing anyone else but her. She's like "I mean, i had the first kiss after we talked about Aliens and Kale..." Mackenzie, spoiler alert, BRITT got the first kiss. And you don't see her complaining! Just kidding she is also complaining.

Sidenote: I like Becca.

Rose goes to: Becca - I have to say I really feel bad for Carly in this moment. She chugged goat milk, made out with Chris ("you're a man, I'm a woman"...remember?) and still didn't get the rose. Sad.

2nd One on One: Whitney

Whitney and Chris match. As in, their pink shirts.

I think this is the most I've heard Chris talk the last 3 episodes. 

So Whitney mentions they should crash a wedding. Chris is like "Yeah! We can be like, I'm the distant cousin from Argentina" 


Long story short, they crash the wedding and Whitney pretty-much kills it. 

I think Chris has the look of love. Cupping her face for the kiss post rose? That kills me. I love him. I mean, he loves her. Whatever. Don't you guys think she looks a little like Emily Maynard? 

Cocktail Party:

JK. The cocktail party is cancelled, and instead it's a pool party.

Basically, here is what happened:

Megan is LOVING THE IDEA OF A POOL PARTY, it's "the most best day ever!" 

Ashley is crying because she can't do her "Kardashian look" anymore and now has to try her best to dress and act like a normal human being #jk #shedidnt

Jade makes Chris take her to "his place" just to make out with him...and we all freak out because we think we saw her boob. TURNS OUT it was just the lining underneath the black flap of her bandeau...maybe.

Basically this whole episode is Ashley I crying about not getting enough time with her boyfriend who has 17 other girlfriends.

Chris is definitely wasted at this point (who wouldn't be??) tripping over himself and can't even contain his laughter while addressing all the girls when leaving the pool party. 

THE SHOW MUST GO ON, so Chris probably chugged a gallon or two of water and took a nap before the:

Rose Ceremony:

So, here's who got a rose...

  1. Kaitlyn - Rose on one on one date
  2. Becca - Rose on group date
  3. Whitney - Rose on one on one date
  4. Jade 
  5. Samantha
  6. Juelia
  7. Mackenzie
  8. Kelsey
  9. Britt
  10. Megan
  11. Carly
  12. Ashley S - what the hell? has she even been on this episode? is she ok?
  13. Nikki
  14. Jillian
  15. Ashley I 
Get it together, Ashley.

Going home: Trina, Tracy? never seen her before, Amber.

Predictions: Ashley I goes home. Hopefully we see more of Becca, Whitney, and Britt. Yes, I'm playing favorites. 

Who do you think goes home next week? Who are your favs? Comment below!

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    I lived for the two seconds of her reaction shot to the group date rose. If I could GIF, I'd be GIFing it so hard right now. Also - I am making naan pizza this week, thanks for the inspirash!

    - Cati

    1. I know!!! I need GIFs but I haven't tackled that via watching YouTube tutorials yet. I think it's just HTML but I want to make my own. I wanted Ashley I's rolling eyes gif so bad. ANYWAY yessss naan pizza is so good and easy ... Enjoy

  2. Just watched the episode thanks to the amazing dvr. Oh, where is the jar I now owe a dollar. Loved the post, you put into words my exact thoughts while watching.

    Sidenote: is Jillian's backside going to be out every episode?

    I agree with you and like Whitney and Becca, but I don't think Britt and Chris are right for each other. I think Britt will make it far and then be sent home and will become the next bachelorette. I also like Jade, not sure if that was her boob or not... I questioned that while watching as well haha. She's a little shy but I think her and Chris mesh well. Both of the Ashley's need to go home. Please.

    Jimmy Kimmel fake crying in the limo at the end was icing on the cake. Can he be on every episode?! This show will forever be my guilty pleasure and I thank you for understanding the obsession lol! Can't wait for next weeks post!

    - Jess F.

  3. Jess!! Thanks for commenting :-) it is the best guilty pleasure. I agree Jimmy Kimmel needs to make more appearances.

    Whitney and Becca yes def seem to be better pics than Britt but I hope she does become the bachelorette :-) also I hope Jillian's backside stops being black boxed because I think it's confusing all of us ... and her. That fence jumping move was epic.


  4. Hi! Thanks. You are awesome! �� We are so in sync. My three faves are also Britt, Becca & Whitney. �� Can't wait to watch tonight's episode.
    Los Angeles, CA

    1. Hi Rosario! I didn't see this!! Thanks for your comment! :-)

  5. Hi! Not sure if you ever saw my comment up above... :)