Sweet & Savory Saturday

You guys, this place is the real deal! So our friend Dave recommended we check out Jammin' Crepes, and even though it took us a few months to actually check it out, he did not steer us in the wrong direction. Seriously...it is the cutest little place and the crepes are outrageous! It is so cozy and we really liked the warm feel of the decor - "chalkboard" menus, red barn walls, jams all along the wall, mason jars hanging with lights (I know, you're shocked I liked it so much). See photo of the mason jar lights I took below.
It was so hard to pick one, which is why we picked 3. Even on off hours, this place was slammed. 

Jammin' Crepes uses local, regional produce to make made-to-order crepes, and their menu changes as produce comes in and out of season, so it is always the freshest it can be! 

Unfortunately I had the wrong lens to take any up close photos of our Crepes so you'll just have to trust me, they were DELISH. We got 3...! They have savory crepes (sandwiches with less carbs??? yes, please!) breakfast crepes, and dessert crepes. Heck, you can even get gluten-free batter for $1.00 extra!  We shared 2 savory crepes, one with bacon and arugula with jam (sweet & salty goodness!), and one with mushrooms, ham, and cheese with a honey mustard sauce. We couldn't leave without trying a sweet crepe (obviously) so Kyle and I shared the "Wyatt" dessert crepe...with whipped cream - it's buttery cinnamon sugar with Nutella...AKA heaven on earth. 

Obsessed with these hanging mason jar lights. 

How cute are the mason jars filled with jam and preserves on this shelf! I think everyone in there thought I was crazy as I was snapping pics, but it was too cute not to share...

Now that we've unbuttoned our pants and are way too full, all we are thinking is...how soon is too soon to go back? 

Some snapshots of my outfit below...

XO! Happy Eating ;-) 

Shoes // Converse / Jeans // J Brand / Graphic Tee // Chaser Brand / Flannel // J. Crew / Necklace // Bauble Bar - Courtney Bibb / Sunglasses // Ray- Ban 

Thanks for reading!! 

(If you've been to Jammin' Crepes, let me know your favorites!)

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