Episode 7 & 8 - From 6 to 3

Ok so let's sum up the "Chris Tells All" hour in a few short sentences: Chris told us nothing, except alluding to the fact that Britt goes home by referring to her in the past tense the whole time...(let's face it we already knew she was going home), Krazzzzy Kelsey reaffirms to us she is totally insane, and Andi  was in no emotional state to be interviewed on nation television. Seriously - that was hard to watch. 

Now onto Episode 7...

Episode 7 - Part 1

First thing's first, they didn't have a rose ceremony last week (again). So, there's a rose ceremony at the beginning of the episode (again)...anddddd Megan eliminates herself. She is basically like "Yeah, you don't like me, this isn't really progressing, so I'm going to leave. What do you think?" and Chris is like "Ok, sounds good. Yeah, it's not really going anywhere." Soooo Megan goes home. 

Rose Ceremony Survivors:

  1. Whitney
  2. Becca
  3. Jade
  4. Kaitlyn
  5. Britt
  6. Carly

So this week the remaining gals and Chris are in Iowa. I think they are staying in Des Moines, but the idea is that they are all going to be able to "see what it would be like" to live in Iowa as a farmers wife? A.K.A. Britt, Kaitlyn, and Jade, you can hit the road. 

Anyway, Jade gets the first One-On-One and heads to Chris' hometown of Arlington.

The date basically went like this: Chris and Jade walked down the abandoned main street of Arlington, Chris told her that all of the shops are either closed or out of business, and that there is not even a coffee shop in town. Not exactly a sell there, Chris. (PS: the whole time is anyone else thinking like there has to be a neighboring town with a Starbucks? Or a movie theater? Or a bar? - Like a lot of towns are small but there's at least some closeby towns with I don't know, another person on the street?)

Sooo apparently no one is out in crazy downtown Arlington, because they are all at the High School football game. I'm getting a Friday Night Lights vibe on this town and I'm into it. Anyway, Going to Chris' highschool to watch a football game is actually really cute I think?? I could do without the wandering around an abandoned school - creepy...but cute. 

You know how all the girls keep saying like "Chris isn't playing by the rules" and "Anything goes this season" well yeah, Jade just MET CHRIS' PARENTS. 

Then the entire town chanted together for Jade to kiss Chris. I'd say the date went well.

Whitney gets the next One-On-One and instead of going to Arlington, her and Chris visit Des Moines.

Going around and taking pics of each other all day HAS to get a little boring don't you think? Honestly it probably wouldn't for me but I'm not normal.

On another note, I'm liking Whitney's casual outfit and flannel tied around her waist - I will be rocking this soon.

After the photos, Chris introduces Whitney to his BEST FRIENDS (no pressure Whitney) and they actually ask her some tough questions but she handles it really well I think? Is it wrong that I feel like this is more pressure than meeting his family?? She also tells Chris about her family life (did anyone else have any idea about this? did I miss something?) and then he takes her outside and shows her the MURAL of a photo of the two of them on the side of the building. No big deal, here's a mural of us.

Again, the date went pretttttty well.

During this date, the rest of the girls go to Arlington on their own to find out what it would be like to live there. Britt basically freaks out and is like yeah I can never do this and Carly is like YAY I have another reason to hate Britt but yet she doesn't ever say she would want to live there, either???

 Carly, Kaitlyn and Britt get the Group Date

3 things happen on this date. 
  1. The girls and Chris "play hockey"
  2. Carly talks shit about Britt
  3. Britt goes crazy when she doesn't get the rose on the date
So Carly basically spent her entire time with Chris talking about how Britt is fake and how she doesn't want to see Chris with her since Britt doesn't actually want to live in Arlington.  Honestly you guys this is coming off a little weird, I think I'm becoming less and less of a Carly fan as this episode goes on...

Chris and Kaitlyn talk about how she doesn't feel confident in how he feels about her, and he ends up giving her the rose, causing Britt to flip out in front of Carly and Kaitlyn. Britt is basically like yeah I'm confused, I just told you how I want to live in Arlington and you gave the rose to someone else?? I mean...not for nothing, Britt, you are on a date with TWO OTHER WOMEN and your boyfriend. I'm pretty sure all of them are telling him that!


Episode 7 - Part 2 - Hometowns

Is it just me or did Jade, Whitney, and Becca all wear the exact same shoes on each of their one on ones?

So Becca got the last One-On-One of Episode 7 (this whole episode thing is confusing me now) and tells Chris that she's never been in love...and never told anyone she loves them. I think Chris is a little confused but not necessarily in a bad way? 

Long story short, back at the hotel Britt tells the girls that she's going home. Carly is thrilled, the other girls look confused as last week she was at a Big and Rich concert and getting a rose on stage...and to Britt's surprise, CH (Chris Harrison, duh) tells everyone there will be no cocktail party. 

Sooo the rose ceremony starts and Britt asks Chris to talk to him for a minute - didn't see that coming...not. Instead of her telling him she didn't want to live in Iowa and can't see their future together, he told her that the way she reacted is not what he wants in a wife...soooo...sorry Britt, but you still got eliminated, you didn't even eliminate yourself.

You guys I'm kind of torn on how I feel about Britt at this point. Like yeah, she was definitely the front-runner and now others are catching up and she doesn't like it and hey neither would I, but like...at the same time, this is what you signed up for? Idk. She probably knew she was going home after her conversation also so she wanted to save herself the embarrassment? I'm not sure. Either way, Carly has gone from sweet and funny to total mean girl this episode. She's funny, but like, curb your jealousy.

Hometowns go to:

  1. Kaitlyn
  2. Whitney
  3. Becca
  4. Jade 

Hometown Date #1: Becca - Shreveport, Louisiana

Louisiana seems pretty cool. Crocodiles, boats, virgins.

"Me being a virgin, they've never seen me like this. I've never been like this" ... just because you're a virgin doesn't mean they've never seen you with a guy before???

I immediately take that back. Chris is the first guy Becca has ever brought home? Game changer.

So both Beccas sister and her mom are like "Yeah Becca hates physical intimacy, has never loved anyone, and does not have any feelings of any kind" ...

Becca starts to feel like she is falling in love and I think Chris is super confused.

Hometown Date #2: Whitney - Chicago, Illinois

"Whitney looks pretty hot in those scrubs. I look like a giant dick." Can't say I disagree, Chris.

Chris asked Whitney who he should ask for her hand in marriage...this is the only date he did that on??? 

Sooo this date seems pretty natural, as natural as you can get when meeting the members of one of your 4 girlfriends families can be. So Chris talks to Uncle Johnny, which is the closest thing Whitney has to a father figure. It seems like Chris is winning them over. 

Whitney talks to her skeptical sister knowing that she might blow it for her. HELLO, why wouldn't her sister just be like "Yes, you can ask her to marry you." Like don't ruin her chances when she's crying and telling you she wants him to propose. It's not like Whitney is unsure! 

Then the wine bottle happens and yes I cried, Whitney is definitely having some real feelings.

So Whit's sister tells Chris to call her once he knows she's the one. I SMELL FORESHADOWING! AND IT SMELLS LIKE A PROPOSAL.

Hometown Date #3: Kaitlyn - Phoenix, Arizona

So far the best thing about the date is Kaitlyns ring (can someone tell me where it's from? Possessionista?) and the FIRE TABLE!

You guys, Kaitlyn looks exactly like her mom.

^ honestly, those are literally the only 2 things I wrote down about Kaitlyn's date and now that I'm re-reading it I'm realizing I guess Kaitlyn's hometown was pretty anticlimactic. I feelz her on the not opening up thing but the Kaitlyn<3Chris was confusing. I think he was confused too like wait you feel like an emoji towards me or you love me or what is going on? 

Hometown Date #4: Jade - Gering, Nebraska

Womp womp,  Jade is going to tell Chris about her playboy past.  Can't we just fast forward the episode to that part?

Chris meets Jade's brothers...her dad, her mom, and her dad's GF. When him and her dad talk, her dad basically tells Chris that she wants to "live free" but "still love"... I don't know what that means but Chris looks pretty confused. 

Her brother then tells Chris that Jade is "a wild mustang"... and again Chris is like yeahhhh ok great so what the hell is going on? Everyone is making it seem like Jade recently became a woman and is a member of some weird bicycle gang. 

So the moment we've all been waiting for when Jade tells Chris about her playboy past takes like 30 minutes to actually happen, the secondhand embarrassment is killing me before it even starts (secondhand embarrassment for Chris, btw)...

He is probably thinking she was a man at this point!?

OOOk so not only does Jade tell him, but then shows him naked pictures and a video of her stripping? I mean, look, we've all made mistakes, no judgement, but I'm not sure if he really wanted to see that right then and right there. Actually who am I kidding, of course he did.


1. Whitney
2. Kaitlyn
3. Becca

Jade goes home. I have to say honestly that I feel really sad for her. Like, I actually don't think it had so much to do with the Playboy thing as that it took her so long to open up to him, but if I was her I would be thinking it only had to do with the Playboy thing...so...next Bachelorette? Too soon to predict that?

I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK. I want to know what's going to happen!!

What are your thoughts? PS Sorry for being so longwinded this time but there was like 5 hours to recap, ok? Bloggin' ain't easy.

Who do you think is going home next? How will Chris react to Becca telling him she's a virgin?

Comment below and as always THANK YOU for reading!


  1. I love that you & I are always eye to eye... Lol! I totally agree with you.
    •I did notice them wearing the same shoes! Weird. :/
    •I had no idea about Whitney's family, my mom is also in heaven so my heart went out to her. I teared up when she opened up & talked about the meaning of the wine bottle.
    •Regarding Britt... I'm so disappointed & confused. I thought she really liked him, why take yourself out then the crying... What?!? If you truly liked him then stay. You are on the Bachelor there are other women involved.

    Ugh, anyway... Lol! Thanks for the recap, like always on point. :)

  2. To answer your question... I think Becca will be going home next. She seems way too innocent for him... I think she's beautiful but a little young & needs more life experience.

    Kaitlyn then would probably go next... I thi k she's amazing but I feel like there's someone better for her. I just don't seem her & Chris as a long term thing.

    I think Whitney is THE ONE... I see them together. It's like she brings out the good in him. Also, his best friends were asking some tough questions & her answers were flawless. They approved! That's a big deal. Chris saw that & might have sealed the deal for him. Just my opinion. ;)