Episode 9 Recap - Fantasy Suites

Here we go people! I am SO SORRY this post is so delayed. It's been a hectic couple of days. So, without further adieu, the date we've all been waiting for...the fantasy suites. 

First Date: Kaitlin 

Looks like Chris and Kaitlin are really MONKEYING around, amiright? 

Ok, seriously, this is pretty anticlimactic and I think it's a theme with all of Kaitlin's dates. Even though I really like her, I don't know if they have any real chemistry that goes beyond friendship. I feel like she is going to get her heart broken???? #hesjustnotthatintoyou ?? What do you guys think??

Also side note, does Kaitlin not look the prettiest that she has looked all season? Like seriously gorgeous? She looks great and actually now that I'm thinking about it Chris looks better too. Maybe it's the light in Bali. Maybe I should move there.

So anyway basically this date is monkeys during the day & Kaitlin really letting her guard down at dinner. I do think that she is really falling in love with him - but I'm scared for her!

Wait...Chris can say he's falling in love with her? Isn't there a rule against this in Bachelor land? If Brad couldn't say he loved Emily than no one can. OK!?

Kaitlin accepted the Fantasy Suite card and off they go. I'm just not seeing the connection like I see with him and the other 2.

Second date: Whitney 

I mean, let's face it. Everywhere in Bali is beautiful, but I think yachting on the Indian Ocean is a little bit more romantic than taking a walk and playing with monkeys. I mean...yeah.

Not to directly quote the totally hilarious thing that all of the people on the show say when it can't seem possible, but this date seems really natural. Anyway, the entire date was basically Whitney talking and Chris listening (or not listening I couldn't really tell), but at dinner I think he actually did talk a lot and ask good questions...right?

Romantic dinner (obvi) follows the day on the yacht. 

First of all, I love Whitney's dress and look at dinner. Seriously, everyone looks better this episode!

So, Whitney opens up about her sister and their differences and how she was super pissed that her sister wouldn't give Chris her blessing.

 Also that reminds me, granted they might not have aired it, but, wasn't Whitney's sister the only one that Chris asked for permission? I mean...

So...as I suspected she might say, Whitney said her career comes 2nd to her wanting to be a wife and mom when Chris asks her about moving to Arlington. I sort of like half buy-it, but I do think she would be happy in Arlington if she had a family to take care of.

Chris says he is falling in love with Whitney, too. Again, Chris, YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO SAY THAT.

Fantasy Suite? Yup. Check please. 

Third Date: Becca 

Maybe Chris should stick to yachting because his pit stains are out of control.

This whole date is obviously going to be about the fact that Becca is a virgin and Chris has no idea. Do you think he really has no idea? I always wonder that. Like, none of the producers told him? AND HE CALLS THESE PEOPLE HIS FRIENDS?!

Anyway Chris and Becca go out and explore Bali, Chris flexes awkwardly with children while Becca takes pictures...and they walk through the rainforest and wade in the rapids, totally normal.

Soooo wait this dude who is telling them to make love tonight is like the mayor of their town, kind of? I Seems pretty awkward. Anyway, super awks for all of us watching and WAY awks for Becca.

The night progresses and now I'm confused and Chris is confused and I think we're all confused. Becca most definitely does NOT want to move to Arlington. Soooo...


So yeah - Becca accepts the fantasy suite card and then tells Chris she is a virgin and he LITERALLY cannot even get out one word. He's like "I...uh...um...I...yeah I don't know what to say" which is pretty much the exact reaction everyone thought he would have.

Apparently their convo in the morning after the fantasy suite made Chris even more confused, although we didn't actually get the chance to hear it, I'm sure it went similar to the conversation that they had at dinner.

Rose Ceremony

Dressed in traditional Balinese garb, the gals gather for the most important rose ceremony yet. 

Chris pulls Becca aside...

Wait. Am I the only one who thought during that entire conversation that Becca was going home? I'm so confused. She just said what he wanted to hear I think? I am like 1000% he was going to send her home....???

So, Kaitlin is all like YAY Becca is going home! and then Chris comes back with Becca and boom, Kaitlin's going home. Ugh. Kaitlin is the coolest.

The Final Two:

1. Whitney
2. Becca

I really think during the rose ceremony after Chris called Whitney's name he was definitely just like going back and forth between Kaitlin and Becca in his head and I truly believe at that moment he still did not know who he was going to send home until the words came out of his mouth. 

I feel sad for Kaitlin but honestly I don't think she would have been happy in Arlington...so I think even though she's sad right now she'll be better off in the long run. 

NOW...my thoughts on the final 2. Honestly, I am pretty much certain Whitney is going to win. After watching the previews it seems like they are trying to make us think that, but I'm buying it anyway. I feel like now that it's down to her and Becca, she's basically a shoo-in. 

Next week the Women Tell All - which I am super excited about (can't wait to see Ashley, Ashley, and Kelsey have melt downs) but also hate, because I just want to know who will end up with Chris!

What do you guys think? What will happen next? Who is going to throw down at women tell all and who is going to end up with Chris???

Comment below & tell me!

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