Hello Hair Hydrating Mask - Review

Ok so you gals know how I feel about protecting my hair and keeping it nice and moisturized. Well...I have discovered a new product!

Hello Hair makes 2 oil based hair masks - their original and Island Escape Edition. Since we are in the middle of an arctic blast here, I decided to go for Island Escape and I was not disappointed. 

This mask is different from some other masks I have tried (like the Moroccanoil mask in my Hair SOS post) because it is oil based. So basically it comes out of the little spout on the top and you apply it to dry hair. Because it is a blend of oils, when I retrieved it from my freezing mailbox it was frozen solid! As it warmed up in my house it became pliable and came out liquid. Similarly, I would imagine if you are using this mask in summer or in a warm climate, it would be extremely easy to come out of the spout as it would be in all liquid form - so be careful opening it!

So, you apply this mask liberally from root to end and let it sit. I did not brush it in with my wet brush like I have with other masks. 

Hello Hair recommends letting it sit at least 30 minutes and you can wrap your head in Saran Wrap to really trap in the moisture. They also say you can even sleep with it in overnight! I left mine on for about an hour of the Bachelor on Monday and then washed it out. I learned that you MUST wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo after using the mask or you will look like an oily mess. So I did that and the results were AMAZING!!!

The next day I let my hair air dry and it felt so much softer and I could actually run my hands through it...for me that's a big deal!

I hope this was short and sweet. You can order their Island Escape mask right from their website at: http://hellohair.com.au/products/hello-hair-hydrating-mask 

Allow for a couple extra days of shipping time since this little package is coming from Australia! 

It's worth the wait :-) Happy Hydrating!


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