Lip Service

Are anyone else's lips basically falling off their face this time of year like mine are? These last couple weeks of winter are BRUTAL (in general) but especially for our lips and skin! I did a post on skincare products to help moisturize your beautiful faces - but now let's zone in on the lips. My top exfoliator, moisturizers, and a couple of my favorite lip colors, below!

1. EXFOLIATE - I have a couple go-tos for lip exfoliation. The first being the Lush lip exfoliator I have previously posted about. It's a sugar based scrub from Lush called Mint Julips Lip Scrub. As I mentioned in that post - you scrub a little between your lips and you can lick it right off! Another way I exfoliate is just taking sugar I have in my kitchen and rubbing between my lips (gently), sometimes I mix it with a little honey, too. Sugar scrubs seem to work so I've stuck with them!

2. HYDRATE – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick is my go-to, as you may have read in a previous post…2 of my other favorites are: FRESH Sugar Tinted Lip Color in Honey - it is a perfect hue for everyday wear and really does moisturize your lips. It is just a tint, so it’s barely even noticeable, honestly, you will notice it way more than anyone else. They have several different tones, so there is absolutely one that will work for you! The honey is a soft peach but my go-to for years was the Rose tint - it's a little more pink but still sheer! SMITHS MINTED ROSE LIP BALM is my other go-to (yes – I am obsessed with rose scented products) – it’s a little “stickier” for lack of a better word, and looks more glossy. It comes in a cute little container and is easy to throw in your purse. Again, the color is a relatively mild pink, just a tint, which shouldn’t overpower your skin tone. It has a tiny mint scent so it smells nice and fresh, too.

(In order: Honolulu Honey, Heat Wave, Fanny) 

3. COLOR – OK, ya’ll. Fair warning, these 3 colors are all NARS. They are not cheap. But they are worth it. That’s what I tell myself. Anyway, my top 3 favorites are: 
  •  NARS Honolulu Honey – This color is a nude with a slight peachy tint. This was one of my first purchases in the lipstick department and I've gone back for more a couple times now. It’s great for everyday wear or to pair with a smoky eye. 
  • NARS Heat Wave – this is a gem. For me, it was impossible to find a red that worked with my skin-tone. Too orangey, and I looked like I belonged in the 80’s. Too blue-tinted, and I looked like I was a cast member in Twilight. Too glossy, and I looked like a …woman of the night. Reds are hard. So, I finally found Heat Wave and honestly, it’s the best red I’ve found to date. I have fair skin and freckles, blonde hair and green eyes, and this color agrees with my coloring. It’s certainly bold, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t bold in an un-wearable way. The more you wear it, the more comfortable you’ll get. I wore it to work a couple times and now it seems totally normal to rock a red lip. Just remember, keep everything else relatively simple.
  • NARS Audacious Lipstick in Fanny - is my 3rd and final color recommendation. Again, this is a bold lip. It’s really a berry color – it has cool undertones. This one is more wearable than Heat Wave in terms of skin tone, in my opinion. The Audacious line is not cheap, but it was designed to be a one-layer, one and done lipstick. And I have to say, it does last for hours and hours. 

WORD TO THE WISE – if you are a novice lipstick wearer, like myself, make sure you exfoliate and hydrate your lips before applying lipstick. Otherwise, you are going to have some crazy flakey pieces trying to escape from the rest of your lips.

I’ve been a little long winded but I swear it is in your best interest :-) What are some of your favorite colors/brands? Comment below!

Now, go out, be bold, and rock a red lip this Friday.


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