Crown Braid

Yesterday I posted a crown braid on Instagram (@shannonfreid_) and promised to show you guys how to recreate it. It's SO easy and is such a versatile look - here are the steps!

1. Take a small section of hair from right behind your ear. You want to leave a chunk of hair in the front, especially if you are doing a half-up hairdo with the crown braid like I did yesterday. Depending on the length of your hair, you may have to go further up in order for the braid to wrap around to the other side. In that case, start higher up, and at the end, wrap the front piece around to create a half-up hairstyle that will cover the start of your braid.

2. Braid that small section into a simple 3 strand braid. Tie it off at the end with a small clear elastic (you can buy a pack of like 200 at Target for a few bucks).

3. Pull apart the braid. This is the most fun step. You should hold the base of the braid right by the elastic and use your other hand to pull apart the strands of the braid. The purpose of this is to create a fuller, bigger, messier braid. If you want to keep your braid tight, that is totally up to you!   My philosophy (after watching Amber Fillerup pull apart her braids) is that you can never really pull them apart too much. If you do, you can usually fix it by tucking a section back in or pulling from the base to get it back in line. If all else fails...start over!

4. Secure the braid on the other side of your head behind your ear with a bobby pin (or 2). You can play around with where you want the braid to land on your head - some prefer it more towards the front, some more towards the back. Whenever you are satisfied with how it looks, secure it behind your ear (or in the same place where you started your braid) with a bobby pin. I always use the "blonde" bobby pins so that it hides it a little better. If you are blonde, you NEED these! Go get them at Target when you pick up your clear elastics, they are right next to them :-)

Now you should have the perfect crown braid! Keep in mind for step 2 you can really try whatever kind of braid you want for different looks. A fishtail crown looks just as good! I pulled my hair back into a bun so you can see what it looks like as that, too!

Please let me know if you recreate it & show me how it looks! 

Now go give yourself the crown you deserve :-)


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