Neutral Nails - my 4 favorite!

Hi! Soo nail polish color is one of those personal beauty things because colors sit differently on each and every person, but these are my FAVORITE and most worn colors season after season and year after year! 

Here they are: 

1. Essie - Ballet SlippersThis one is the most sheer of all 4 here – it has a pink tint and has been one of my favs FOREVER (seriously, ask my mom!) I was also wearing this color when I got engaged so it will forever hold a special place in my little heart.

2. OPI - Don't Bossa Nova Me Around -       This is actually my current favorite on the list. This is one that looks very different person by person. At the Nail Salon I go to, the owner recommended this to me knowing I have a thing for neutrals…and I’ve been wearing it on and off ever since.

3. Essie - Fiji - So, this is probably the least versatile of all of these. It’s really a 3 season color, and hey, I even wear it in Winter, but it is really more of a bright, opaque pink. I love it, and still consider a neutral, but it looks better in those warmer months.

4. Essie - Urban Jungle Just like all the others, I love this color! It’s versatile, light, sort of a grey-ish, tan-ish, pink & purple hued neutral. Obviously that doesn’t help you guys at all…but it is very similar to #2, with more grey.

Long story short, all of these colors are easy to wear & I love them all!

What are your favs??


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