The Bachelor - After The Final Rose & THE NEW BACHELORETTE

So they really freaked me out on this one. I thought there might be the ole’ switcheroo on ATFR and I was all geared up and ready to start hating Chris. Turns out, he and Whitney are still happily engaged! So I am a happy camper.

(Photo: People Mag)

Becca came out and spoke with Chris and it was pretty anticlimactic. In fact, her face was basically stuck in a permanent smile and the whole thing was just awkward. They both agreed their not ending up together was for the better and that was pretty much that.

Whitney comes out next & her and Chris hug and kiss and are in LOVE. I love love you guys I can’t help it. Sooo Whit still plans to move to Arlington, and have lots of babies. Sounds like not much has changed. I am really really hoping that this relationship lasts.

Jimmy Kimmel comes on and has a little cameo, brings a cow, and thennnnn…

They announce the Bachelorette(s). Chris Harrison really wasn’t lying this time when he said that we would be shocked on ATFR.

So…Kaitlyn AND Britt will both be vying for a spot as The Bachelorette and on the first night the guys will pick who they’d rather date. Which is insane. And also, Kaitlyn could not be more pissed. She told Chris her reaction was “well…this isn’t ideal”.

Can’t say I disagree.

Was it really a toss up between Kaitlyn and Britt?! I thought Kaitlyn was a shoo-in.

Personally, I’m pissed. I hope the guys/producers end up with Kaitlyn as the Bachelorette.

What do you think???

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  1. ah that picture of Chris && Whit makes my heart smile! Love them together <3