The Bachelor - The Final Rose

Ok y'all! The moment we've all been waiting for. So, by this point, I am sure you all know the outcome, but before we discuss that, let's recap: 

 LOL @ the intro:

"Whitney is the fertility nurse from chicago and Becca, the virgin from California."

So Becca's occupation is being a virgin?!?

Whit up with Chris' family first, and she killed it. I mean, that toast? Not a dry eye in the house. If Chris doesn't propose, I will. 

So yes, Whitney was very poised and I think Chris' sisters & mom love her. 

The brother in law with the girl at the bar reference? Good call. Maybe he just wants Becca because she doesn't want him? I think Chris definitely really likes Becca but also I think it's funny that they are all talking about her before they've even met her like guys relax you're going to meet her. 

Enter: Becca (love her outfit) 

So yeah, Becca with the jokes @ the dinner table, definitely kills it but isn't really giving off the vibe that she is super serious. But she does have great hair. Ugh. I'm conflicted.

I have to say that while yeah it's hard for the second girl to come in after the first made such a good impression, it's also like, Becca, maybe give it a little more. At some point you have to at least try to put yourself out there. Can't keep falling back on the "I've never been in love so I don't know". Sort of a not cool. Also, is this really fair to Chris? Part of me thinks he figured out it was Whitney who he wanted weeks before the final rose and kept Becca because he knew she wasn't that into it and it would be easier to let her go in the end than if he kept Kaitlyn or someone else he felt stronger about? I don't knowwwww...

So overall I don't think Becca exactly wow-ed the family. I totally respect her honesty but again starting to feel like she may have been a lost cause from the beginning. 

Also sidenote I LOVE Chris' family, especially his mom. She's the cutest.

SO the next day, Chris goes to talk to Becca in the hotel and they basically have another conversation where they break up (again) and then Chris leaves...confused. I really think Becca was supposed to go home in Bali.

Sooo Chris' final date with Whitney  showing her his farms and house is just a further indicator that she definitely wins.

Whitney is totally putting herself out there which is opposite from Becca; but I do think both are being genuine and true to who they are.

The fact that it's sounding like it's Whitney so much is making me think that it's Becca. Whatever ABC does, it works. Every damn season.


OK omg I can't take this I feel like I'm there. How does anyone survive the final rose ceremony?!

First out of the limo? Becca. Goodbye. LOVE Becca's dress & whole thing but first out of the limo is obviously the one to go.

Chris let's her go in the best way possible I think. He's basically like look neither of us are there yet and that's that let's not waste any more time. And then they hug and you can hear his heart beat in his mic.

Becca leaves and I don't think she or anyone else could say she was heart broken -- she seemed pretty indifferent which is basically how she was the entire season because she DIDN'T REALLY LIKE CHRIS! In my opinion. She was waiting for it to be there but it just wasn't.

Next: Whitney (!!!)

She is so nervous and probably freezing she can barely breathe. I feel the same way only I'm just sitting on my couch watching. I am so excited. 

AHHH and yes, the proposal happens. TRUE LOVE. Chris loves Whitney, Whitney loves Chris, I love both of them. 

I think this is a really good match and just seems so genuine, I mean Chris proposed on his farm in the barn he grew up working in, and I just love it. Seriously, this is great. 

Congratulations to them both!!!

So, that concludes Chris Soules stint as The Bachelor. I'm kind of sad. I will have a separate short post on ATFR. As a sidenote - I have so enjoyed writing blog posts about The Bachelor and appreciate every view, comment & kind word about it. 

Are you happy with the outcome???

Comment below! 

ATFR post to come tonight! 


  1. No I'm not! I was so team Becca! I think she's so reserved, poised, genuine and gracious! I also think Chris LOVED her but was hesitant because she wasn't sure if she loved him back- which I totally get why he went with overbearing Whitney.

    I like Whitney but think she was a bit phoney and totally playing the game- not saying she doesn't like chris, just saying she was a little much. She needs to tone it down.

    All in all he's such a sweet guy and I'm happy for them both but I definitely think Becca would have won if she had been more experienced in love. I do think Chris loves Becca and honestly her personality meshes so well with Chris while Whitney is, like, too much for him. Like she's too loud and outgoing and it doesn't match his soft spoken personality. I wish them the best but still #TeamBecca


  2. I am totally just seeing this!! but YES - the two bachelorette thing is killing me. I feel like Kaitlyn literally wanted to push Britt off the stage...yiiiiiiiikes.