The Ultimate Neutral - Denim

It's no secret, I love denim. And I don't play favorites. Denim shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, I think it's all great. Why? Denim is the ultimate neutral. When it comes to clothes, I consider a neutral anything that is versatile enough to be worn with most of the colors of the rainbow. An unassuming, easy to blend color.

So, not only does denim blend with every other color imaginable, but it even works WITH ITSELF. Ha - and you thought I couldn't convince you. 

I would also like to add that in my book, neutrals are not boring. No, not ivory, light brown, or grey. I know, I know. You can disagree, but I think that neutrals are ultimately flattering for everyone because of their characteristic blend-able quality. Does this mean you should dye your hair grey and wear a grey tee with grey jeans? Yes. Or, you could just throw on a denim button down and call it a day, the choice is yours :-)

I've linked to some of my favorite denim items that are oh so neatly folded above in my Instagram (@shannonfreid_) photo:

Now get out there & rock your denim! After all, casual Friday is right around the corner  :-)


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