What's In My Bag!

It's Monday and I thought I'd give you all a little glimpse into what I throw in my purse. Trust me, this is only what's in my little purse, if I showed you what's in my tote, we'd be here for hours. 
  1. Lip Care Products - Palmer's Cocoa Butter is always in my purse/bag of the day. If it's not, something has seriously gone wrong and you should ask me if I'm okay. I also have my Fresh Sugar Lip color in Honey because currently my lips are so chapped from being sick that it looks like I am wearing lipstick and this Fresh Honey color helps me tone the redness down!
  2. Hand Sanitizer - I cannot stress enough, I have major germ phobia in some instances. Sometimes, it doesn't bother me at all, but certain things really freak me out. I have my Honest Hand Sanitizer Spray in my purse & car, always. The bottle is small enough to fit in your purse (this fits nicely in my Rebecca Minkoff crossbody pictured on Instagram) and in the small compartment in your car. I made the switch to Honest products a little over a year ago as an alternative to chemical rich, hard on the skin products. I am actually putting together a post on why I did an overhaul of the products I use at home and why Honest products aren't just for Mom's!
  3. Powder - I bring along my Make-Up For Ever HD Powder because it's small, and I can dab a little on my fingers and swipe over any areas on my face that need a little help (hello...T-Zone!)
  4. Rebecca Minkoff Card Case - I rarely use my big wallet anymore. I got this card case about a year ago and it is really my daily go to for carrying cards and ID. It's easy and quick and you can see what you need right away. I leave my wallet for carrying gift cards, insurance cards, and anything extra.
  5. Odds & Ends - I told you, I literally spilled my bag for you! I had some loose change (which is actually pretty rare, I never have change for meters when Kyle and I need it and he always looks at me like 'how do you not have any change in that purse?!'), a stick of gum, and some clear hair ties and bobby pins (you never know when you'll want to try a new braid! or take one out...)
That's about it for what's in my bag, gals! 

Did anyone get the chance to shop the Rebecca Minkoff Semi-Annual Sale this weekend? I hope everyone has a great week...!


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  1. Lovely post! I'm with you on the hand gel! I can't go out without mine! I'm so scared of germs!

    I love your blog! So lovely!

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