CINCO DE DRINKO - Lightened Up Strawberry Margaritas

Chips, Salsa, Guac, Margaritas…there is nothing not to love about Cinco de Mayo. Plus if you have a Chihuahua, double the fun because you can dress her up in a tiny little sombrero and take photos of her. (Also this is amusing every year and never gets old, shout out to Disney for having tiny sombreros made for children that I purchased for my dog).


So for all you Cinco de Drinko friends out there, here’s a quick little recipe to make your margarita drinkin’ a little lighter this year. I found it on Pinterest & just tweaked it slightly based on my taste:




3 ½ cups Fresh (or frozen!) strawberries

½ cup Tequila – I mean, you can use however much you want (silver or gold will do…we used silver)

2 ½ cups Crushed Ice

¼ cup Sugar  

Fresh lime juice & lime wedges for garnishing


The recipe included 3 tablespoons Cointreau, but I left it out.

I also added a tiny bit of the frozen limeade stuff.


Get all of that margarita goodness into a blender & VOILA! 4 servings of deliciousness. Or 2…depending on serving size...hehe.


Happy Cinco Babes! Enjoy!

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