The Bachelorette - Current Thoughts

Let me start of by saying I'm sorry I have been slacking so much with my Bachelorette posts. Between planning a wedding and everything else it has really been hard for me to even stay awake for the entire episode every Monday.

Anywho, is it just me, or is this the strangest season the Bachelor franchise has had? I mean yes it's getting more predictable (there's always the drunk person on night 1, drama in the house, and the other usual shananagins) but all of that aside I just feel like the relationships are not exactly where they should be at this point and that there's so much drama doing on every episode has to end with a "to be continued"...

I love Shawn & I do think their relationship has progressed and love Benzy too. Everyone else I'm lukewarm about, and don't even get me started on Ian. 

He was my FAVORITE and now come to find out he's some egotistical asshole who claims Kaitlyn isn't half as hot as his ex...(I know, I don't think he has an ex either.) 

While were on the subject of guys who shouldn't be on the show, let's talk about NICK VIALL. What the hell is he doing there? Did any of you catch Andi's tweet after Nick was confronted by the guys about his past with Andi/why he's even on the show? It went a little something like this: #andtheemmygoesto 

So yeah, Monday night is going to be crazy. Kaitlyn and SOMEONE sleep together, I think? (my money is on Nick. What do you guys think?) and the whole house goes crazy. 

TO BE CONTINUED ... Stay tuned for Monday night and if you don't already, follow me live tweet on twitter @sfreid 


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