Summer Hair Care

Summer is here in full force, it is officially July, and my hair is already begging for hydration and moisture.

I have 3 quick tips for you ladies on what’s been helping out my strands get through the heat:

1. DO NOT OVERWASH. I repeat, do not overwash!!! Let your hair go for as long as you can without washing it, the natural oil from your scalp is actually good for your hair and provides it the moisture it needs in between washes (or at least that’s what I tell myself). I usually go 3 days without washing, but I get it - going to the gym, laying out in the sun, etc, can make it hard to go that long, especially in summer. My rec is to try going 2 days, use dry shampoo on day 2, and roll that mane up into a bun or braid!

2. UV Shielding Hair Products actually work. Or, at least are better than nothing. There are tons of products on the market that act as a version of sunscreen for your hair – my favorite is Bumble & Bumble Color Minded UV Protection Polish – the bigger bottle is $30, but you only need a tiny amount for application, even on hair my length! 

3. Air-Dried hair is a beautiful thing. During the summer, your hair is exposed to all the elements and most notably, the air is warmer, and air-drying your hair is suddenly more possible. TRUST ME, I hear all of you sighing reading this thinking “what about the humidity?, my hair will be so frizzy, my hair will be a curly mess” etc. Just go with it. If you have to take a trip to the store to get a product to tame it to allow it to air dry, so be it. For me, I just use a tiny bit of either S Factor smoothing serum (I get it @ Ulta) or spray in some Mermaid Hair Shine Spray (blog post on these amazing coc from Anthropologie later this week)…and voila. That seems to do the trick. Honestly, my hair is definitely more frizzy/wavy than it would be if I dried it with my blow-dryer, but you can totally get away with it in summer.

What do you gals use in summer? What tips do you have for me??

Happy 4th babes! Enjoy the long weekend!



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