Warby Parker At Home Try On

Monday, October 5, 2015

Seriously? At home try on for free? Like actually free? Yep.

Warby Parker has always had great styles, both trendy and more traditional, but this at home try on program is pretty much the best thing about them besides their price. Oh - and that for every pair bought, a pair is donated to someone in need! Pretty awesome.

I got my first pair a couple years ago when WP was new and since then have wanted another pair but didn't really need them (I know, like that ever stops me) but a few weeks ago I decided it was time for another pair. They let you go right on their website and select glasses to try on at home - for free! You don't even pay shipping. You can pick up to 5 pairs, and then choose the one you like best, and go right online and order. But no pressure if you don't like any of them - send em' back and try another 5! 

The other great thing is that their prescription lenses start at $95, much less than you find at LensCrafters or local glasses store. You just input your prescription and use their tool for figuring out your pupillary distance and voila! 

I only posted 4 out of 5 because one wasn't really right for my face shape and were too narrow on the bridge of my nose if that makes any sense. Styles listed below! See www.warbyparker.com for more styles and to pick some of your own! Xoxo



Which do you like best?