The moment we've BEN waiting for - The Bachelor Ben - Episode 1

Did everyone miss the Bachelor/ette as much as me? It seems like forever since Kaitlyn’s season. HERE WE GO!


Episode Recap:

Ben's intro was mostly home in his small town (he now lives in Denver), with his parents talking to him about the journey he's about to embark on. PS his parents are adorable. He also got some advice from Chris Soules, Sean Lowe, and Jason Mesnick. So basically, he got advice from Sean Lowe.

Intros were…interesting. I actually think I liked Caila’s intro where she jumped on him the best even though it was awkward. Nothing too crazy to speak of, although there was a girl that pretty much ignored Ben talking to her and didn’t even tell him her name…and to be honest I don’t know her name either and she already went home, so no one is ever going to know.


After talking to a lot of the girls, I saw sparks between Ben and…Becca, Olivia, Lace (ugh), Lauren B, and the girl with… boobs … when they were talking in the dark (did anyone notice Ben was LOOKING AT THE GOODS instead of her face like half of their conversation? Who can blame him I guess!).


Ben denied Lace a kiss when she asked for a ‘re-do’ of the peck she gave him in her intro. He declined, saying, “not tonight”, and then went to apologize to her because he didn’t want to make her feel rejected. Since he did that, she now thinks they are like 100 steps ahead of where they really are.


First impression rose went to Olivia – the news Anchor.



Here’s who else got a rose:


Lauren B.
















Joelle JoJo














Shushanna (still not sure if she can speak English or not?)


Lauren H.








My favorites:


Amanda – single mom from CA

Becca – because, duh.

Caila – software sales rep from OH

Joelle JoJo – real estate developer from TX (she played that game with the illustrated cards with Ben)


I also like Lauren B and Samantha but not sure how into them Ben was.




Who can be sent home, like, now:


Lace - “so just to be clear, you’re upset because I didn’t make eye contact with you?” let’s just leave it at that…


Mandi – … I have nothing to say


Couple thoughts about this season:


Most of these girls actually have careers, or at least jobs…I feel like in the past there have been a lot of “actresses”, etc, right? Also there are very few that I couldn’t see Ben with, BUT I also don’t really have a front runner. I know you guys already know I’m obsessed with Emily Maynard but just hear me out – we all KNEW it was her from literally night 1. You could see the chemistry and not much else compared. I know that’s not the norm but there is usually at least one that I really like. HONESTLY ok I did like OIivia the best during the intros, but based on the previews of the coming weeks I think she turns out to be terrible. We’ll see.


Other thoughts…Ben might turn out to be boring but at least he’s talked more in episode 1 than Chris Soule’s entire season (no offense, Chris, you know you’re my fav). Also I do think Ben has a lot of good prospects so I’m going to say I think 100% there will be a proposal.


What do you guys think? See ya next week…!

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