My Favorite Pregnancy Products!

Ok, I'm only a few weeks away from 3rd trimester territory and I want to let you guys know about some of my favorite products so far. If you are a mama to be, daddy to be, or know someone who is - this list should be helpful! 

1. Bump Nest Pillow - admittedly, I ordered this when I was like 6 weeks pregnant. Seriously, though, as I am now much rounder than I was then - this pillow is a life saver for my hips. If I sleep without it, I actually wake up with hip pain throughout the night - not so fun. It's pretty big but it takes the place of your usual pillows (maybe you'd use one extra for head support) so you can totally still fit your husband (and dogs...) on the bed. Splurge item but worth it - I have it in the ____ print. 

2. Dr.Teals Lavender Epsom Salt - ok, preggo baths are not quite the same, warm water and not hot makes it a little different but I still do take warm baths to relieve achey muscles. Epsom salt is a must and Dr.Teals Lavender is the best! Smells good, not overpowering and so relaxing before bed.

3. Palmer’s Cocoa-Butter – a friend of mine actually gifted me a bunch of different kinds of the classic Cocoa-Butter lotion. She gave me a massage crème, belly rub, and lotion – all good for different things. I slather the lotion on legs/arms and use the belly rub for the belly. The massage crème is really good because it’s thick but workable – I usually use this on harder to moisturize places, and Kyle usually uses this…on my legs when I ask nicely!

4. Gap Maternity Tees – these are the best pregnancy shirt ever! They are stretchy so I know they will keep growing with me and baby girl, and they are good quality without being super expensive. Gap is always having good sales so I’ll pick up one or two when I see they are on sale since I know I like them now! If you’re pregnant and getting to that awkward “my shirts fit around me but they are getting shorter and shorter” this is a really good tee to try. Cute under sweaters or on their own.

5. Good Quality Maternity Pants/Jeans – you guys, this one seems obvious and it basically is. You need pants that will grow with you. I’m listing this because I waited too long to get good quality pants for work and too long to get good quality jeans. I have a couple pairs of J Brand – Mama J jeans that I really like (they are under the bump and have panels that stretch on the side), and for work pants – ASOS has been my savior. I prefer over the bump because you don’t get a weird line/uncomfortable itch. That’s my only qualm with the J Brands. I also have a pair from Motherhood that are super comfy and slide right over this growing bump.

There are like a million other things I’m forgetting (Dove sensitive bar soap, Frank’s Coconut body scrub, Lush butterball bath bombs) that have helped me and my preggo self a lot…but these are essentials! Hope this helps out anyone who needs a gift for themselves or a mama to be!

Oh and if you can, go get yourself a nice prenatal massage - money well spent!




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