Week 32 – Preggo Update!

We’ve got 8 weeks to go and counting down days to baby girl. I can hardly believe it! Although it does seem like a lifetime ago that we were “keeping it a secret”. Honestly most days I’m a mixture of the following 4 thoughts: I can’t believe I’m pregnant, I can’t believe there is a little human inside me, I can’t wait to meet her, and wondering how life will be once she is here. Oh yeah and that creeping anxiety over GIVING BIRTH. Make that 5 thoughts.


Seriously, pregnancy really gives you a run for your money, and I know all you moms are thinking “wait until motherhood”, trust me, I fully believe you.  


Physically, me and the bump probably feel best in the 3rd trimester than we have all along. To clarify, me feeling “the best” I’ve felt during this pregnancy still includes: all day heartburn, back-aches, constantly being uncomfortable, insomnia, and occasionally throwing up after taking tums. That and my two new favorite symptoms in the last 2 or 3 weeks – serious baby brain and constantly having to pee! As you can tell, this pregnancy I have not felt great. All jokes aside, I wouldn’t trade it for the world but I think it’s OK for us ladies to admit that this pregnancy thing isn’t always easy for everyone.


Hope you all have a great Saturday! I’ll be over here trying to keep my hormones in check!


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