Moving, Nesting & Waiting on Baby Girl

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Moving, Nesting & Waiting on Baby Girl


If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen that we’ve moved into our first home and we are working on getting it all set-up. Moving when you are 9 months pregnant…is…a lot. We had tons of help from our families and friends and seriously could not have gotten everything set-up without them – but I have to admit it was frustrating to not be able to help in the way I normally would. That kind of sounds like I’m lying but I’m really not – it would be nice to be ABLE to move around and get stuff done. Seriously I CAN’T EVEN BEND OVER TO GET SOMETHING THAT DROPPED! Dropped a nail? Oh well. Someone will get it later. Need to pick up anything lower than my knees? Nope, no cigar. 


Guys, the “Nesting Instinct” is for.real. First, we are doing painting and minor things (minor things that are still…expensive!), but a clean home is a happy home so we partnered with Wal-Mart and Proctor and Gamble to get our move-in essentials. Paper towels and toilet paper get eaten up around here (terrible, I know, we’re working on it) so we stocked up on those and other essentials like Tide Pods (we were using baby detergent on our own stuff before we went to the store because it was all we moved with…baby comes first!!!), Febreze (hello – 2 dogs in the summer time!) and the all essential Swiffer. I’m not normally the most tidy person but with baby K on her way I’ve become a crazy person and started washing everything from onesies to shower curtains with baby detergent, and I’ve been cleaning the floors, windows, and dusting like never before. Kyle loves it…if only it would last!

On a baby budget, it's all about the #cleanhomesavings - thanks Walmart! 

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