Welcoming Baby Emma

Can you believe Emma is already in her 4th week here? On Friday, baby girl turns 1 month old. Seems like the day she was born was just yesterday in one sense, but so far away in another!

Kyle and I have been adjusting to our new role as parents and we are so thankful for everyones support and love! We couldn't do it without our friends and family, and all of the instal-blog community of mommas and dads who remind us we aren't ACTUALLY going crazy (are we?).

Here are some hospital photos below of Em when she was just one (!!!) day old!

Tomorrow I'll be posting how to get through your first month and essentials for first time moms. Anything else you guys want to see related to bringing home baby, pregnancy, or anything else?

Xoxo! Love,

Shannon, Kyle and Emma!

^my favorite photo of all time! Legit my background on every device I have!

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