Nap Strikes, Nap Protests, and Nap Success with DockATot

Hi guys! Long time no nap (insert crying emoji)...

As you may have seen on my IG, baby girl is not always a fan of naps. If I can get her to sleep, her naps range from 15 minutes to an hour...but they average about 30 min. 

A lot of you recommended things for me to try (which I am so grateful for!) but seriously, nothing seemed to work. Even if I lay with her, rub her back, etc, she has a hard time. I also learned that if she doesn't nap well, she doesn't sleep well at night. Great, right? (Is this normal?!)

Recently, I got a DockATot and found that it actually works for her. She will take naps in it and she seems to have an easier time going and most importantly STAYING asleep. She also lounges in it sometimes while she hangs with me or watches Chloe's Closet (she loves it...haha!)

I have the DockATot Grand, which is for babies 9-36 months. I got it for her as she's already reached nearly 6 months and is really long, the deluxe didn't seem like it would fit her for much longer. It's nice and breathable and made of 100% cotton. She nestles in there and although every baby is different, she really doesn't roll around and it keeps her pretty snug in place. So although she still isn't the perfect napper and it still takes a little coaxing, this has made it so much easier for both of us.

Sidenote: it is also a good co-sleeper when we sneak Em into bed!

Have you tried DockATot? What do you think? What other nap tips can you give me and Em?


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