Teething Favorites & More

Hi GUYS! It's been ages since I've posted for really no good reason. Well there is a good reason, she's about YEY high (puts hand at lower thigh level) and says "uh-oh!" like it's her job.

Anyway, I really really wanted to put together a post (no sponsorships involved) that has our favorite teethers/teething ideas/products, etc to help any mama or dad out there with a teething baby. As we can all agree, TEETHING IS THE WORST! Our poor little humans have to suffer through it and we have to suffer alongside them, trying to remedy this terrible part of human evolution before it's time to move on to the next things like growing pains, puberty, and hormones. YIKES!

So, no fluff, guys. Here's a round-up of 5 of our favorites.

  1. This NUBY teether - truth be told this 2 pack thing must be new because we got ours as a single. We have the one with the two prong like things, not the other guy. I swear, Emma is not impressed by many teething toys but this one she'll sit and "chew" on for a while.
  2. Bannor Toys SAFE Wooden Teether - we love this one because it's a different kind of teether so it feels different on her little chompers. It's made with smooth, non-toxic, non-splintering wood. We have the giraffe and a pink lovey to tie onto it :-)
  3. Happy Baby Teethers - OK I know the jury is out on whether or not teething biscuits/wafers are a good idea because there is a certain school of thought that says if baby can choke, baby will choke...and I totally get it. For us, these happened to be a lifesaver. Emma got to chomp, give her gums some massaging, and get a little snack, but yes, I was always right there watching her eat it. TRUTHFULLY, my dogs probably ate more of these than she did.
  4. Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder - we did not use this to "feed" at all. Mama (thats me) loads this thing up with frozen pre-cut mango, peas, peaches, strawberries, etc, and let Emma go to town. If this list was in order of our favorites, this would be #1. 
  5. FROZEN WASHCLOTHS - there is not a link for this...well actually there probably is but this was another thing I used to do in the beginning stages of teething for Emmie. I would get the little baby sized washcloths (since they are thin), soak them and then fold and freeze them.
That's it for now, hope you are all having a great start to your week. Over here we are all SICK! Dad, Mom and baby. Womp, wompppppp....

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:-) Happy TEETHING!

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